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 The BMSA 


 Road Safety 

Road accidents are the 10th leading cause of deaths worldwide and the 13th leading cause of deaths in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas Motor Sports Association has focused their road safety campaign on spreading the message about the dangers of speeding and distracted driving. 

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#3500 Lives

The Bahamas Motor Sports Association supports the FIA Action for Road Safety Campaign to save 3500 lives. 

Every day, more than 3,500 people are killed on the world’s roads. Young people are particularly affected, as road crashes are the number one cause of death of 5 to 29 year olds.

The #3500Lives Campaign outlines Golden Rules that can help save your life and the lives of others.

Save #3500


The Golden


Slow Down For Kids.png

#1. Slow Down for Kids

Obey the Limit.png

#2. Obey the Speed Limit

child safety seat.jpg

#3. Use a Child Seat

check your tyres.jpg

#4. Check Your Tyres

buckle up.jpg

#5. Buckle Up

dont text and drive.png

#6. Don't Text & Drive

never drink and drive.png

#7. Never Drink & Drive

always pay attention.jpg

#8. Always Pay Attention

stay bright.png

#9. Stay


wer a helmet.jpg

#10. Wear a Helmet

stop when tired.png

#11. Stop When You're Tired

check your vision.png

#12. Check Your Vision

watch for pedestrians.jpg


Watch for Pedestrians

watch out for kids.jpg

#14. Watch out for Kids

Sign the



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