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Motor Sports


Famous for it's Nassau Speed Weeks in the 1950's and 60's, The Bahamas has a long standing tradition of motorsport.


The Bahamas Motor Sports Association is the world's  smallest motorsport National Sporting Authority, (ASN) and is headed by president David McLaughlin, ably assisted by

Susan Schauff, Bahamas resident and Vice-President.

The Bahamas is generally perceived to be a glamorous tourist location, but this can mean limited prospects for Bahamian school leavers.


The BMSA seeks to harness the enthusiasm for motorsports to teach multiple life skills, such as leadership, presentation skills, budgeting, mechanics, maths, communication and, naturally, how to drive and race karts.

The BMSA is working hard to develop Bahamian grassroots motorsport and aims to field a team at the 2021 FIA Motorsport Games.



 EduKarting   Programme

Edukarting is a five day programme for students aged 10-16, which is taught at school and college campus grounds in Nassau, Bahamas during school holiday periods.

Students learn not only about the skills needed to drive a kart, but also learn the skills needed to run a professional karting team and a business. In addition EduKarting focuses on teaching road safety.


Developed from an idea proposed by David McLaughlin, it was devised and written and has been taught to more than 800 students by instructors Henry Beaudette and Craig Camilleri.

Edukarting’s goal is to demonstrate to each student that the real key to victory is how you prepare and work as a team off track before the race even begins. Together, everyone achieves more.


The Smallest Motorsport

Association in the World

The EduKarting Team 

Any list will be incomplete and as EduKarting has as it’s mantra TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More - we should include others who have made a great contribution:

Craig ‘Cam’ Camilleri who has worked tirelessly to pass on his skill and knowledge of Karting to the youngsters. Victoria Sarne for support in the early days. Keith Sands of Rotary  who has helped with so many introductions.  Niels Jensen who made a great contribution when it was most needed. Sean McWeeney, Katherine Solomon, Christian Knowles and Paolo Garzaroli for their  support. Commodore Bethel and Lt Duncombe of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. Larry Phillips for stowing our Karts. Valerie Lightbourne from Doris Johnson High School. Dr ‘Bob’ Robertson and Mr Alexander Darville from BTVI. David Cleare, plus Jeremy Barker of CARS for getting the original shipment of Karts safely to Nassau, Mechanics Richie and Ricardo who worked over and beyond the call of duty. Photographer Adrian Johnson and from the FIA Kate Robson who has given so much help and guidance.

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