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Frequently asked questions about the EduKarting programme, how we are crowdfunding Team Bahamas to the FIA 2021 Motorsport Games, and the Bahamas Motor Sports Association.


Team Bahamas

  • What is EduKarting?
    Edukarting is a five day programme for students aged 10-16, which is taught at school and college campus grounds in Nassau, Bahamas, during school holiday periods. ​​ Students learn not only about the skills needed to drive a kart, but also learn the skills needed to run a professional karting team and a business. In addition EduKarting focuses on teaching road safety. Developed from an idea proposed by David McLaughlin, it was devised and written and has been taught to more than 800 students by instructors Henry Beaudette and Craig Camilleri. ​ Edukarting’s goal is to demonstrate to each student that the real key to victory is how you prepare and work as a team off track before the race even begins. Together, everyone achieves more.
  • Why do you need to raise money?
    Following Hurricane Dorian, our kart fleet was completely destroyed. EduKarting Bahamas needs your support to raise £120,000 to replace our karts and to fund our FIA Motorsport Games campaign. ​ The money we raise will be match funded by an FIA Foundation grant. The grant will be used to purchase a new fleet of electric powered karts, essential to train and select the finest young Bahamian karters. The funds will also support the Team Bahamas competitors, as they journey to France for the 2021 FIA Motorsport Games.
  • What is match funding?
    Match funding is where a grant is made that is equal to the sum of money raised.
  • What happens to my donation if the 2021 Motorsport Games is cancelled?
    If the 2021 FIA Motorsport Games is cancelled due to Covid-19, then your donation will be carried over to support Team Bahamas at the next edition of the Games.
  • What is the Bahamas Motor Sports Association?
    Famous for it's Nassau Speed Weeks in the 1950's and 60's, the Bahamas has a long-standing tradition of motorsport. The Bahamas Motor Sports Association is the world's smallest motorsport National Sporting Authority, (ASN) and is headed by president David McLaughlin, ably assisted by Susan Schauff, Bahamas resident and Vice-President. ​ The Bahamas is generally perceived to be a glamorous tourist location, but this can mean limited prospects for Bahamian school leavers. The BMSA seeks to harness the enthusiasm for motorsports to teach multiple life skills such as leadership, presentation skills, budgeting, mechanics, maths, communication and, naturally, how to drive and race karts. ​ The BMSA is working hard to develop Bahamian grassroots motorsport and aims to field a team at the 2021 FIA Motorsport Games.
  • What is the FIA?
    The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) is the governing body for world motorsport and the federation of the world's leading motoring organisations. Providing regulatory expertise and an impartial sporting judicial system, the FIA is the world arbiter for motorsport. The federation works across three key interlinked areas of activity – Sport, Campaigns and Mobility. In the realm of Mobility, the FIA aims to ensure that safe, affordable and clean systems of transport are available to all. The promotion of safe and sustainable forms of mobility has in turn led the FIA to commit to global sustainability initiatives and also to found its own major response to road safety concerns, FIA Action for Road Safety.
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