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EduKarting Bahamas £120,000 Crowdfunding Plea

Following Hurricane Dorian, our kart fleet was completely destroyed. EduKarting Bahamas needs your support to raise £120,000 to replace our karts and to fund our FIA Motorsport Games campaign.

The money we raise will be match funded by an FIA Foundation grant. The grant will be used to purchase a new fleet of electric powered karts, essential to train and select the finest young Bahamian karters.

The funds will also support the Team Bahamas competitors, as they journey to France for the 2021 FIA Motorsport Games.

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​About the FIA Motorsport Games

The FIA Motorsport Games is a unique multi-disciplinary event that sees drivers competing for their country.

Join Team Bahamas as we compete in three motorsport disciplines:

Karting Slalom Cup

Karting Slalom is a grassroots competition format growing at a phenomenal rate, in which drivers handle a kart through an obstacle course at a controlled speed.

It is a parallel slalom competition in a relay format, with one female and one male pairing up in each team to compete over three laps on two equal slalom courses.

The first run will be a test run while laps two and three will be timed laps. Five knockout stages will reduce 32 competitors to one winner.

This discipline is open to all young women and young men aged 14 to 15 years old, with only a national level licence required.

Karting Sprint Junior

Following 2019’s successful debut of Karting Slalom, the second edition of the FIA Motorsport Games includes a new Karting Sprint competition.

The competition format includes five free practices, followed by a seven minute qualifying session and three 10km heats, followed by a 25km final race.

This discipline is open to all young women and young men between 11 and 14 years old, holding an international level licence.

Digital Motorsport

The Digital Motorsport event will take place at Circuit Paul Ricard over Friday 29 October and Saturday 30 October.

The competition will be played on Gran Turismo Sport, the bestselling racing game on PlayStation 4 using the same systems as developed by Polyphony Digital Inc. for the FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships.

12 racing rigs will be used for an 80 minute practice session, followed by a 1hr qualifying session before the final 1 hr race, under the supervision of a real-life FIA Race Director and Stewards.

This discipline is open to all young women and young men aged 16 and over and no motorsport licence is required.

About EduKarting

Edukarting is a five day programme for students aged 10-16, which has been taught at school and college campus grounds in Nassau, Bahamas during school holiday periods, since July 2013.

Students learn not only about the skills needed to drive a kart, but also learn the skills needed to run a professional karting team and a business. In addition, EduKarting focuses on teaching road safety.

Developed from an idea proposed by David McLaughlin, it was devised and written and has been taught to more than 800 students by instructors Henry Beaudette and Craig Camilleri.

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